Sponsors 2020


2020 Sponsors

Ascend Analytics is an industry-leading software and consulting firm supporting storage valuation and strategic operations. Ascend’s innovative weather-derived and sub-hourly analytic tools, unique in the marketplace, serve as a critical bridge between today’s highly volatile physical and financial markets. Our client base includes Duke, LADWP, Ameren, and a host of other developers, utilities, and grid planning entities. Ascend’s decision analysis tools are designed to maximize investment and operational profitability.

Nodal Exchange is a derivatives exchange providing price, credit and liquidity risk management solutions to participants in the North American commodities markets. Nodal Exchange is a leader in innovation, having introduced the world’s largest set of electric power locational (nodal) futures contracts. As part of EEX Group, a group of companies serving international commodity markets, Nodal Exchange currently offers over 1,000 contracts on hundreds of unique locations, providing the most effective basis risk management available to market participants. In addition, Nodal Exchange offers natural gas, environmental and trucking freight contracts. All Nodal Exchange contracts are cleared by Nodal Clear.   

Beacon is the only vendor on the market that gives clients underlying source code, a developer platform, and infrastructure services so they can own the full technology stack. Beacon is transforming financial services with access to transparent code and cloud technology just as the iPhone created developer toolkits to transform what’s possible in a mobile device. 

Beacon’s software has been designed to provide significant uplift in developer productivity and reduce time-to-value. While enterprise and financial institutions today debate on whether to buy or build, rip and replace technology, Beacon works alongside existing solutions, making it easy for our clients to enable corporate innovation.

KWA Analytics is a global consultancy comprised of experienced, industry leading subject matter experts focused on delivering the highest quality services and solutions related to the energy, commodity, shipping, and capital markets. 

With teams in Europe, the Americas, India, and Asia-Pacific we offer expert consulting and advisory services to guide clients through business and digital transportations. We also offer a range of market-leading services for the OpenLink and Veson product lines including implementation, managed services/support, audit, training, upgrade, reporting, test automation, technical, and infrastructure services.

OpenGamma is a derivatives analytics firm with unparalleled expertise in OTC and ETD margin methodologies, backed by CME, JSCC, Accel and Dawn. Our teams bring together a unique mix of practitioner, quantitative and software engineering expertise.

Today, we are trusted by the largest and most sophisticated global banks, trading firms and fund managers, with thousands of users depending on our analytics. Our product coverage spans  margin solutions (validating and optimising cleared and bilateral portfolios), and Uncleared Margin Rules compliance.

OpenGamma has on-boarded over 40 clients to our cloud-based solution including Tier One Investment Banks, Asset Managers, Commodity Trading Firms and Hedge Funds – successfully delivering to these demanding organisations within committed timelines. 

As the world's leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, CME Group (www.cmegroup.com) enables clients to trade futures, options, cash and OTC markets, optimize portfolios, and analyze data – empowering market participants worldwide to efficiently manage risk and capture opportunities. CME Group exchanges offer the widest range of global benchmark products across all major asset classes based on interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural products and metals.  The company offers futures and options on futures trading through the CME Globex® platform, fixed income trading via BrokerTec and foreign exchange trading on the EBS platform.  In addition, it operates one of the world's leading central counterparty clearing providers, CME Clearing.  With a range of pre- and post-trade products and services underpinning the entire lifecycle of a trade, CME Group also offers optimization and reconciliation services through TriOptima, and trade processing services through Traiana.

Pioneer Solutions is a global provider of award-winning C/ETRM, environmental management and financial and regulatory compliance solutions. Since 2003, Pioneer has been serving some of the largest energy companies, utilities and midstream producers in the US and Europe.

Pioneer’s innovative and flexible solutions have been organically built for rapid implementation and superior services at an overall lower cost of ownership.

Pioneer’s suite of ETRM solutions are based on its web-based FARRMS platform and offer comprehensive front, middle, and back office process management for both physical and financial trades of all asset classes and commodity types.

Developed from the back to the front, resulting in industry-leading data processing and reporting capability, Pioneer’s modern easy-to-use applications deliver ready “out-of-the-box” or tailored functionality designed for ease of implementation and integration with existing systems. With a user-configurable environment for less reliance on vendor services, and with deployment options including a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service offering via www.trmtracker.com, Pioneer offers a fresh alternative to legacy C/ETRM systems